Cher "Live in Monte Carlo 1980" The Take Me Home Tour

What is called the Take Me Home Tour was Cher live solo debut at Las Vegas Caesars Palace with a huge production and cast put together by Joe Layton, who did the same for Bette Midler's "Clams On A Half Shell" and Diana Ross previously. Cher opened her extravagant production on June 29, 1979. The show then became Cher's first world concert tour as a solo artist. The tour reached North America and Australia and visited Europe in May 1980. The concert was filmed in Monte Carlo on May 10, 1980 and broadcast on Showtime the following September and later taped in Las Vegas in 1981 at Caesars Palace for a broadcast in 1983. Take Me Home tour was grossed over $20 million and at the end she played over 156 Shows, lots of Dates are unknown to date. There is 2 different shows, one on 79, with Take Me Home Tour (not a confirmation exact tour's name) and 1981-1982 A Celebration at Caesar's Palace (A Celebation - The show is totally different from the first solo tour and should not be on this page). 
The show featured three backing singers, six dancers, two drag queens as Bette Midler and Diana Ross, a mechanical bull and twelve costume changes.
Cher described the show as "a bit Sonny & Cher-ish" a mixture of cabaret, disco and rock'n'roll.[1] With twelve changes of clothes, Cher wore no costume for more than eight minutes.
The concerts were based in part on her solo television shows The Cher Show, Cher... Special and Cher... and others Fantasies. During Cher's costume changes, drag performers Kenny Sacha, as Bette Midler and J.C. Gaynor as Diana Ross performed "In the Mood" and "I'm Coming Out" respectively. Cher joined them to end the show with a performance of "Friends".
Cher was touring and coming back and forth to Las Vegas in 1979/82 with this show meanwhile promoting her newly assembled band Black Rose. The album was released in August 1980 and its failure pushed Casablanca Records to drop the band and subsequently pushed Cher back on the road before she moved to New York to pursue an acting career. Freddie Roman was the opening act during the summer of 1980 at the Caesars Palace