"Chastity" 1969 - Full movie

Go on a cross country adventure with Cher in her first dramatic film, Chastity. Chastity ('Cher') is a lonely young girl who is hitchhiking across the country in hopes of finding someone to love her and make her forget her disturbed past. She does find love with a man whom she calls Andre ('Stephen Whittaker'). Chastity feels that the relationship is getting too serious so she decides to run. She goes to Mexico where she starts working at a whorehouse, there she befriends the strange lesbian owner (Barbara London). Chastity is looking for a mother figure in the woman, but the woman has different feelings for Chastity. She soon realizes that this is not the life for her and decides to return to Andre and try to start a new normal life. Things are good, but not for long as Chastity's dark disturbed past will never let her feel loved by anyone. Written by Clint Hickman.

I think this movie didn't receive the success that it deserved. "Chastity" (written and produced by Sonny Bono) is a beautiful story about a helpless girl who's ready to do anything (even if she doesn't like it) to have a minimum of attention and love. OK, we can see that they didn't get a lot of money to do this picture and that can be a good thing because they did a very good movie. Cher (in here movie debut)is absolutely perfect in the role of Chastity. Not surprised that she got an Oscar 18 years later. She's an excellent actress and still is. If you want to have a great moment and think a little bite about questions of life, watch this movie. It worth it...really!